Saas-Fee is an authentic and car-free village located at an altitude of 1,800 meters above sea level in the Valais Canton of Switzerland. It is easily accessible from Geneva (2hrs 40min by car or 3hrs 30min by train) and Zurich (3hrs 20min by train) airports via scenic journeys that run alongside Switzerland’s greatest lakes, vineyards and mountains ranges. Saas-Fee is also easily accessible via Sion Airport (1hr 10min by car), which caters for private jets along with some commercial flights. Saas-Fee offers a multitude of opportunities for memorable days in the mountains including hiking, via ferrata and mountain biking tours, winter and summer ski, tame marmots as well an ice pavilion, the world’s highest underground train and highest revolving restaurant.


Training at Altitude

We hone the challenge of training at high altitude with low oxygen levels to help increase your metabolism and cardiovascular endurance. At first this can feel quite challenging, however after a few days your body will naturally increase your red blood cell count and your fitness levels as a result.



We utilise the power of nature to create an opportunity to connect with it and ourselves. What is special about meditating in nature is that it is as simple as it is profound and impactful.