Saas-Fee is located high in the Swiss Alps and is easily accessible from both Geneva (3hrs 30min by train or 2hrs 40min by car) and Zurich (3hrs 20min by train) airports via scenic journeys that run alongside Switzerland’s greatest lakes, vineyards and mountains ranges. Saas-Fee is also easily accessible via Sion Airport (1hr 10min by car), which caters for private jets along with a selection of commercial flights.


Training at Altitude

The signature Peak Health daily hikes are unique to our Programme and provide many fitness benefits, incorporating steady state cardio and intervals with altitude training that increase metabolism and cardiovascular endurance. You will find that after a week at Peak Health, your fitness levels and your resting heart rate will improve!


Hidden high in the Swiss Alps, Saas-Fee has some of the purest air and highest peaks. There are 13 peaks over 4,000 metres high, earning Saas-Fee the nickname of “the Pearl of the Alps”.  With 300 days of sunshine a year, it is a place like no other for outdoor fitness and wellness. Let the world slip away in Saas-Fee.



It’s easy and very natural to meditate while hiking. Nature gives us many opportunities to connect with it and ourselves. What is special about meditating in nature is that it is as simple as it is profound and impactful. Everything we need to balance the flow of our own thought is found in the current of moments along the mountain. 


Make New Friends and Memories

Embarking on the exhilarating and challenging experience of our graded hiking programme, you will find that it's just not just your body that gets stronger, but your mind as well. Our guests often overcome limitations, push passed fears, and form new bonds with their group, leaving the retreat with a whole new outlook and lasting friendships.

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