For the Kids

At Peak Health, we understand that transforming your health and fitness can be most beneficial when it involves the whole family. That's why we have made it possible for families to attend Peak Health Retreats together. We have family suites and activities for children of all ages which correspond to your retreat schedule. We have a per-child full board, with food and beverage and we have partnered with Ski Zenit to provide full board Summer Ski Camps, which correspond to each of our retreat dates. For more information, please visit Ski Zenit.

We offer a Peak Health discount for families attending our retreats that can be applied when booking either directly or through The Capra Concierge. For more information on children's activities in Saas-Fee, please visit the Saas-Fee family guide.


At The Capra, kids are just as important as the Mum's & Dad's. They will give them their own room, right next to their parents in one of their Family Suites.

The Capra also has the ‘Fun Lab’, filled with DVDs, video games, table tennis and foosball table, perfect for the kids to relax in after a day on the slopes. Plus, whenever they want, both the indoor and outdoor pools within The Capra's spa is also accessible.

In the restaurant as in the bar, the kids can feast on food and drinks specially adapted to their age…a real treat!