Krav Maga featuring Ben Wagstaff

28 JULY - 04 AUGUST 2018

A unique retreat where you will follow the Peak Health method while also learning the basic skills of Krav Maga and self-defence.

With the guidance of Ben Wagstaff, the UK's head representative of the Krav Maga Uri Refaeli federation, you will have the opportunity to master valuable self-defence techniques aimed for real-life scenarios as well as hike glaciers, scale mountains and push your fitness limits while also getting the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscape of the Swiss Alps.



Included in the Retreat: 

  • 7 nights accommodation in a Double room at The Capra (TripAdvisor second Best Swiss Small Luxury Hotel 2018 - 2016 Tatler Top 101 Hotels in the World)

  • All meals and snacks

  • Morning activation session

  • Daily 2 to 3-hour Hike with Lyndsay Meyer, Mountain Guide and Head Trainer

  • Daily class with Ben Wagstaff

  • Daily workshops and talks on the subjects of Self-Defence, Protection and Behavioural Awareness

  • Access to Peak Health Spa, which includes Sauna, Steam Room, Salt Cave, Indoor/Outdoor Pool and Gym

  • Infrared Detox Treatment Wrap


Ben Wagstaff

Ben is the head representative of the Krav Maga Uri Refaeli federation in the UK and has studied the Krav Maga method thoroughly under the tutelage of Grand Master Uri Refaeli since he was a young child.

While living in Israel Ben grew up during the second “Intifada” and was faced with horrors and terror of that time. He started his KM training at the age of 9 and at the age of 18 joined the IDF as required. During his military service, Ben was promoted to a commander and later to an officer within his combat unit. The unit’s speciality was to carry out delicate operations capturing terrorists and weapons in hostile environments, placing ambushes and gathering intelligence for future missions.

With a wide range of experience, both as a martial artist and a military officer veteran, Ben has been studying the aspects of personal safety, security and criminal behaviour for most of his life.

After Ben’s release from the army in 2012, he decided to move back to the UK where he was born, and help others to learn how to protect and handle themselves in distressing situations. Now Ben teaches mainly within the north-west London area and is involved in teaching seminars all around the world.

Ben's experience includes: serving as an officer in a combat unit in the IDF, close protection for high profile individuals in Kensington Palace Gardens, close protection for ex-prime-minister, ministers and diplomats from foreign countries. Covering events and providing a close-protection for VIPs and business individuals. His Martial art background also includes several years of experience and competitions in Muay Thai and Boxing.