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12 -14 September 2019

We are very excited to welcome Dr. Tara Swart and Bilal Hafeez to The Capra for a long weekend in September. This event is perfect for those that aren’t able to attend a full week.

Join us to learn how to achieve peak brain performance and “Live A Better Life”.


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Dr. Tara Swart

Dr. Tara Swart, who has recently been featured in both the Financial Times and The Mail on Sunday, is a neuroscientist, leadership coach, medical doctor and award-winning author, most recently of the best-seller The Source. She works with leaders all over the world to help them achieve mental resilience and peak brain performance, improving their ability to manage stress, regulate emotions and retain information.

Dr. Swart is the only top-tier leadership coach with both a PhD in neuroscience and former medical career as a psychiatrist. Educated at Oxford University and King’s College London, her role as Faculty at MIT and King’s College London and as guest lecturer at Oxford SAID ensures that she remains at the forefront of the latest developments in her sector.

Tara’s clients include FTSE100, Fortune 500 and Magic Circle firms, as well as UHNWI entrepreneurs. She specialises in sectors that face unusual levels of stress or change.

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Bilal Hafeez

Bilal Hafeez is CEO and Head of Research at Macro Hive, a platform that curates macro research and strategy. Prior to this, Bilal was Global Head of International Fixed Income Strategy at Nomura, and Head of Multi-Asset Research at Deutsche Bank. Bilal started his career at JP Morgan. Bilal was recently an Honorary Visiting Professor of Finance at Cass Business School. In addition to his work in finance, Bilal writes on wellness and productivity through his podcast and blogs. He is also a Trustee at the Polka Theatre for children. He read Economics at St Johns College, Cambridge. 


Learn about:

Neuroplasticity: Introduction to the elastic brain

Brain agility: Switch between different modes of thinking

Raised awareness: Turn off your autopilot

Focused attention: Neuroplasticity in action

Deliberate practice: Bringing the practice to life


Overcoming the comparative mindset

What's Included? 

  • Pre-retreat Wellness Assessment tailored to your individual health background and goals

  • Three nights in a double room at The Capra

  • Daily mountain hike led by Peak Health’s Local Alpine Expert Guides

  • Daily yoga led by the Peak Health Yoga Instructor

  • Daily workshop led by Dr. Swart and Bilal Hafeez

  • Daily workshop led by The Peak Health Team

  • A one-on-one session with Dr. Swart on how to reach your individual optimal brain health and peak performance

  • Three nutritious meals and two snacks per day. Meals will be sourced locally, organically and seasonally

  • Fireside discussion and Q&As with Dr. Swart and Bilal Hafeez

  • Daily access to the Peak Health state-of-the-art luxury Spa, including sauna, steam room, salt cave, relaxation area, swimming pool and outdoor hydrotherapy pool (spa treatments available at additional cost)


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