Peak Women’s Health


1 - 5 March 2020

This winter, Dr Taz Bhatia, M.D., a board-certified integrative medicine physician and wellness expert, will be joining us at The Capra to showcase how she helps to empower women radically transform their lives through personalised lifestyle, diet, exercise, self-care and relationship strategies.



Dr Taz Bhatia

Dr Taz Bhatia gained national recognition as a best-selling author of the books, “What Doctors Eat,” “The 21 Day Belly Fix,” and “Super Woman RX.” Her integration of Eastern medical wisdom with modern science, along with her unique Power Type discovery, has led to featured segments on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Live with Kelly & Ryan and eventually the premiere of own PBS special Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz. Dubbed “a superwoman in her own right,” Dr. Taz is committed to empowering women to radically transform their lives through personalised lifestyle, diet, exercise, self-care and relationship strategies to help them rediscover their own “superpowers.”

A pioneer and trailblazer, Dr. Taz opened her unique and innovative practice, CentreSpringMD (formerly the Atlanta Center of Holistic and Integrative Medicine) in 2009. The practices serve as integrative medical homes for the whole family – from pediatric care to adults, prevention, and advanced therapy for disease. Expansion continues with multiple locations and providers and the launch of CentreSpringMD Spa and CentreSpringMD Pediatrics..


Learn about:

Super Woman Syndrome: Do You Have It? Identifying the 5 Pitfalls

Why Powertyping Matters: Creating Your Own Personal Rx to Strengthen Your Health, Relationships and Lifestyle

The Impact of Nutrition & Food: Menu Planning for Lasting Health

Practical Exercise, Supplements and Beauty Advice by Powertype

Toxicity and Your Health: What Is Your Toxic Load and How to Reduce It

What's Included? 

  • Pre-retreat Wellness Assessment tailored to your individual health background and goals

  • Four nights in a double room at The Capra

  • Daily snowshoe hike led by Peak Health’s Local Alpine Expert Guides

  • Daily yoga led by the Peak Health Yoga Instructor

  • Daily workshops led by Dr. Taz

  • A one-on-one session with Dr. Taz on your Power Type and how to address your personal wellness goals

  • All healthy Peak Health meals

  • Fireside discussion and Q&As with Dr. Taz

  • Personalised energy evaluation

  • Customised supplement recommendations

  • Evaluation of emotional triggers

  • Chakra reading

  • Meridian evaluation

  • Personalised fitness evaluation

  • Cognitive performance assessment

  • Body Composition Analysis & Basal Metabolic Rate Measurement

  • Daily access to the Peak Health state-of-the-art luxury Spa, including sauna, steam room, salt cave, relaxation area, swimming pool and outdoor hydrotherapy pool (spa treatments available at additional cost)