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A wellness retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and with an understanding of how to better support the functions of the body for optimal weight management, improved sleep, enhanced mental focus and increased energy.

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Individual Holistic Wellness

Peak Health has been created, in collaboration with a team of medical and wellness experts in Switzerland and across the globe, to fulfil the need for a holistic approach to resetting one’s health.

With our team of expert Advisors, we implement best practices based on the latest academic and scientific research. Our mission is to help people transform their lifestyles and to sustain this transformation through a true health immersion on a luxury retreat in an idyllic environment.


Peak Health Philosophy

The goal of the Peak Health Method is to gain a deeper understanding of one’s body and its potential. We achieve this by helping each guest understand which small changes will make the biggest impact to him or her specifically. Unlike many other programs, education plays a large role in what we do; from workshops and in-depth reports, to take home practices, we strive to help you continue to live a life of peak health and wellness upon your departure. Peak Health provides the highest-quality offerings with nudging strategies that rewire your mind-set and habits around health effortlessly.


Reserve Your Experience

Guests leave Peak Health not only with a feeling of rejuvenation, but also with a deeper understanding how to better support the functions of the body, choose the right fuel and activity for their lifestyle, and reach their goals with ease and joy.


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