The Peak Health Method

The Peak Health Method centres four key pillars: Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Resilience and Sleep. Through a precise wellness assessment, we determine key focus areas and how to best provide personalised support in each area to maximise sustainable results.

The Peak Health Pillars



We emphasise a focus on seasonal, local, whole foods with a curated menu centred on fresh colourful vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats, the Peak Health Nutrition plan is designed to keep blood sugar balanced and boost metabolism whilst providing energy and a wealth of micronutrients for your body.

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We provide a variety of fitness modalities through the Peak Health Method. You will enjoy long walks, hikes at high altitude, and strength training to boost cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle and increase your metabolism. Yoga at the close of each day will help you to restore and repair. Personal training sessions are also available to help create a tailor-made fitness regime that helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

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Mental Resilience

With meditation classes and discussion sessions, we help you find inner peace and a sense of balance to support flourishing. Our hikes utilise the power of nature to provide a grounding meditation that fosters a connection with the surroundings and yourself. Without the stimuli and stresses of regular life, we help you make the space in the mind-body to create a sense of serenity.



Our curated approach targets stressors affecting healthy sleep and rebalances your serotonin, cortisol, and melatonin levels to promote healthful and restful sleep. We have a variety of resources to calm the body and mind including sleep-friendly menus, cutting-edge spa amenities and meditation practices to foster a night’s rest that leaves you feeling well rested and rejuvenated.