The Peak Health Method

Peak Health is a company that utilises the resources of a 5-star hotel, an expert chef, and powerful natural surroundings to provide a luxury holistic wellness experience. Unlike the traditional strict boot camp model that uses calorie restriction and over-exercising until you are fatigued, Peak Health focuses on nurturing your body to its optimal state by focusing on our four Peak Health Quadrants: Fitness, Nutrition, Sleep Hygiene, and Mental Wellness. We teach you how to boost metabolism, increase insulin sensitivity, and balance the body’s functions through diet, exercise, and life-style changes. 

We concentrate on correctly fuelling your body with a healthy diet of lean proteins and seasonal vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats paired with activities that use this fuel in the most optimal way to help restore your body’s natural energy balance. You will leave Peak Health feeling rejuvenated with a better understanding of how to support the functions of your body to meet your health goals.

The Peak Health Quadrant

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We provide a variety of fitness modalities through the Peak Health Method. You will enjoy long walks, hikes at high altitude, and strength training to boost cardiovascular fitness, build lean muscle, increase your metabolism and improve insulin sensitivity. Yoga at the close of each day will help you to restore and repair. Personal training sessions are also available to help create a tailor-made fitness regime that helps you to achieve your fitness goals.



Focusing on seasonal, local, whole foods with a curated menu centred on fresh colourful vegetables and fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats, the Peak Health Nutrition plan is designed to keep blood sugar balanced and boost metabolism whilst providing energy and a wealth of micronutrients for your body. All of the meals are beautifully presented encouraging you to eat mindfully and appreciate making time to nourish yourself. At every Peak Health retreat, you will eat “family style,” a wonderful way to appreciate food whilst enjoying the company of a supportive team of wellness experts and like-minded health seekers. It also encourages you to take time to pause and breathe between bites, which is beneficial for both your physical and mental wellbeing.

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Mental Wellness

With meditation classes and discussion sessions, we help you find inner peace and a sense of balance to support flourishing. Our hikes utilise the power of nature to provide a grounding meditation that fosters a connection with the surroundings and yourself. Without the stimuli and stresses of regular life, we help you make the space in the mind-body to create a sense of serenity.


Sleep Hygiene

Our curated approach to healthy sleep works in concert in your body to balance your serotonin, cortisol, and melatonin levels to promote healthful and restful sleep. Through discussions, curated exercise, food combinations at specific timings throughout the day, essential sunlight exposure, cutting-edge spa amenities and calming meditation practice, you are bound to leave feeling well rested and rejuvenated.