Reality Check

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I haven’t been to the Peak health Spa in the alps, but I already like Andrea (Debellis), a ‘wellness entrepreneur’, and Jen (Hanway), a nutritionist. not just because they offer properly bespoke analysis and advice in idyllic surroundings, but because they’re refreshingly realistic – and happy to share their counsel with non-spa-ists. In fact, they’re the least absolutist clean livers I’ve met.

The thing is, they’ve seen the bootcamp pilgrims knocking back the booze at the airport to and from their religious health conversions. So while Peak health Spa helps clients experience the physical and psychological rush that comes from a week of optimal exercise, eating and meditative practice, the focus is on providing the mental tool kit to implement lasting changes. ‘Ultimately we’re not about two-hour hikes and being in bed at 9pm every night, but 10,000 steps and improving the quality of your sleep,’ they say. How can you not love a place that shows you how to install f.lux (an app that eliminates the mobile-phone blue light that can interrupt sleep patterns) and gives you an eye mask that looks like a face bra, cuts out all light and stays in place all night? Until we all get to visit, here are their top six tips for a lifestyle reset.

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by Lisa Armstrong

Ashley Knight