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Dr Simoné Laubscher

Dr Simoné is a naturopathic nutritionist and has been treating clients for over 20 years, with clinics in both the UK & UAE (www.rejuv.co.uk). Simoné holds a B.Sc- Nutrition degree, an M.Sc in Naturopathy and Nutrition and a PhD in Nutrition and Oxidative Stress. Simoné is very passionate about setting both adults and children free of debilitating conditions, pain and disease.

Simoné specialises functional naturopathic nutrition to correct functional and nutritional imbalances, targeting obesity, long-term weight loss, metabolic re-setting, eating disorders, diabetes, IBS / gut disorders, depression, stress/adrenal fatigue, hormonal regulation and immune-related illnesses such as cancer. Simoné has created unique protocols that focus on the function of your 11 systems, diet and whole food supplementation from her own organic nutritional line, called Rejuv Nutrition.

'A holistic, scientific, bespoke and naturopathic approach that involves looking beyond symptoms to find the root cause of health issues, is the only way to break the vicious cycle of disease and bring about long-term healing and restoration. The emotional, physiological, lifestyle and genetic factors must be investigated in order to correctly diagnose and treat one's imbalances. By adopting this approach the client gets well and stays well. There is no greater gift than to assist a client into vibrant health and to give them the tools they need to stay there, long term.’ Simoné Laubscher

Simoné is Elle Macpherson's personal nutritionist and business partner, having formulated all of the nutritional products for Welleco International.