The Inspiration

The beautiful island of Paxos is the alluring setting for a unique wellness retreat where dreams can be turned into reality as people find a refreshed and renewed version of themselves.

Paxos is steeped in mythology and Greek tradition. The island itself was said to have been born when Poseidon, the God of the Sea, fell desperately in love with a sea nymph named Amphitrite as she danced with her sisters by the ocean. Poseidon was so devoted to his enchanting Amphitrite that he struck the island of Corfu with his trident, breaking off the southern tip to form the tiny island of Paxos which he gave to Amphitrite as gift, a retreat where they could hide and find peace together.

The Approach

The Ancient Greeks were famed for their philosophies about health and wellbeing, and the Peak Health approach in Paxos is based on the belief that a healthy mind is necessary for a healthy body.

We recognise the importance of a supportive environment for renewal and health and were drawn to the island because of its profound healing and restorative abilities. We have combined its unique energy with a program of personal growth and development.

The Retreat

The week-long retreat offers a range of options including morning walks along breathtaking pebble beaches and watching as the sun burns off the mists revealing the crystal waters. Life coaching sessions to restore self confidence and self-esteem, and bespoke yoga classes combined with meditation sessions for quieting the mind are also powerfully restorative. The retreat offers individual movement coaching, personal training and body assessment sessions, as well as personalised nutritional guidance. Each day we will enjoy beautiful food that is both delicious and wonderfully nutritious. Fresh fish sourced from the nearby traditional fishing village of Loggos is often star of the show. Each dish served to the guests is intended to support the retreat’s daily activities, meeting the needs for a healthy body and mind. The vivacious hosts also stress the importance of fun, offering indulgent face and body treatments as well as tours of the island’s many facets and secrets, poetic sunsets and healthy cocktails.

The retreat takes place at a stupendous villa with a homely and comfortable feel, offering all the modern amenities expected of a luxury retreat. Hidden away amongst towering green cypresses and ancient olive groves, overlooking the aquamarine Ionian Sea, residents can spend their relaxation time by the magnificent pools or the nearby stunning beach.

It is impossible to meet the team and not engage with their boundless enthusiasm and the healing energy of the island itself. Guests are encouraged to relax, talk, laugh, and work together to create a community of support and encouragement. From individual body assessment to personal training and corrective exercise and from life coaching to yoga and meditation, the team of handpicked specialists makes sure that the retreat is a place where the daily stresses of life, which negatively impact the mind and body, can be left behind. We hope that every guest leaves happy, with a refreshed perspective of health, free from negative emotional ties, and a revived body performing at its optimum.

The Team

The team’s number one goal is to increase the happiness and joy of the guests by encouraging them to rekindle their love for themselves and rediscover their purpose. The Paxos Wellness Retreat is, above all, a pleasurable place to be, a unique experience that leaves one feeling happy and whole… with just a little of their hearts remaining on this little piece of land where heaven meets earth.

The Goal

Interested to join us on this divine retreat on the island of Paxos?