The Retreat

The Peak Health Retreat is an immersive wellbeing experience in the Swiss Alps. The core of our offering is our unique approach to personalised wellness in natural surroundings and luxury accommodation. Peak Health provides a holistic and sustainable improvement in multiple key areas of life, including improved productivity, better sleep, stronger mental focus, higher energy, and a more positive mindset.



We invite guests to bring their families on designated weeks throughout the season. Please see our Family Retreat section for more information.



Retreat Overview

Peak Health focuses on nurturing your body to its optimal state without calorie restriction or over-exercising until exhaustion. Peak Health provides the highest-quality offerings with nudging strategies that rewire your mindset to foster more beneficial habits. Weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is natural using this approach and also more likely to be sustained upon your departure. Through our method, we teach you how to boost metabolism and help balance your body’s functions through improved diet, exercise, mental wellness and sleep.



Single Occupancy: 565 CHF per night in a Signature Double Room

Double Occupancy: 480 CHF per person per night in a Signature Double Room

What’s Included: 

  • Pre-retreat health, nutrition, and lifestyle assessment

  • Full body bioelectrical impedance analysis

  • Accommodation and full healthy board

  • Daily 30 minute morning body activation

  • Daily 2 to 3 hour hike in the Alps with our local alpine guide

  • Daily yoga class

  • Daily meditation class

  • Daily wellness workshop on each Peak Health Pillar

  • Access to Peak Health Spa, which includes sauna, steam room, salt cave, indoor & outdoor pool and gym

  • A 50 min infrared detox treatment wrap

  • Post-departure Peak Health Lifestyle Guide


Sample Day at Peak Health 


Start your morning with a smoothie shot to kick-start your metabolism and energise during your morning activation session.


A beautiful and healthy breakfast will be set up for you in the dining room including Peak Health’s signature dairy and gluten-free Bircher, homemade rye bread, cooked eggs and low GI fruit accompanied with detox water.


Hike around one of Saas-Fee's 13 peaks led by our mountain guide. The signature Peak Health daily hikes are unique to our programme and provide many fitness benefits by incorporating steady state cardio and intervals with altitude training.


A healthy, gourmet lunch starting with a health-boosting broth or soup followed by a lean protein dish with seasonal vegetables, superfoods, and complex carbohydrates. This ensures maximum micronutrients and energy without weighing the body down before afternoon activities.


A workshop focusing on one of the sections of the Peak Health Pillars to promote discussion and facilitate new education on wellness.


Yoga session to restore, unwind and establish balance.


Free time for your spa treatments and to relax in the Peak Health Spa.


An evening meal featuring nourishing vegetables at the forefront, complemented by lean protein and complex carbohydrates to replace glycogen stores, aid in repair and recovery for the next day’s activities, and encourage a relaxed evening and a restful night of sleep.


Discover the amenities in your well-being goodie bag that are specially curated to help reduce inflammation, promote relaxation and help you enjoy a restful sleep.