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I have wanted to go on a health retreat for a while now but I didn’t know how to choose the right one for me. I was worried about choosing a resort that was too restrictive- making me feel trapped, but on the other hand I knew that if it wasn’t strict enough I’d want to go off partying in the sun (serious 1st world problems).

I wanted a real health kick, new challenges, a bit of luxury and I did NOT want to feel hungry! So, after hearing all Peak Health Retreat had to offer at The Capra Hotel in Switzerland my decision was made.

The thing that first struck me about Peak Health is that the retreat starts before you even arrive; you are asked to fill out an in-depth assessment of your health and lifestyle to give an early insight into your hormone, functional and metabolic profile. This is something very close to my heart as I have suffered with quite a serious hormone condition over the past few years and I understand the impact hormone imbalance has on your overall health, appearance and well-being. Peak Health’s method focuses on balancing your system to improve your metabolism, digestion and absorption of nutrients to ultimately burn fat and keep the weight off long-term. It is a total health overhaul tweaked for each individual to get their best results.

When I arrived at The Capra, after the MOST beautiful train journey ever- passing by gorgeous lakes and mountains on the way from Geneva Airport to Saas-Fee, I felt like I’d arrived in a postcard! The 13 peaks and luscious green mountains surrounding the resort are just breath-taking.

After being given a little tour of the hotel, I was shown to my gorgeous suite; cabin-esque wood and faux fur decor with a bright, airy feel, all the mod cons and the most perfect balcony looking out to the mountains. In my room I found my time-table for my stay; a clear and precise diary of what my visit entailed. A typical day involved a 7.30am activation yoga class to wake the joints and muscles ahead of the day’s activities, next was a breakfast of fresh fruits, ‘clean’ meats and eggs before heading up the mountains for a hike with our Olympian trainer guide Lyndsey! Each hike got progressively more advanced as the week went on with an optional glacier hike on the last day! After the hike, it’s lunch on the terrace (this was probably my favourite time of day, well deserved food and the group bonding over their achievements). Then some free time to have your daily massage or facial, a personal training session or a nutrition assessment- there is no time to get bored with Peak Health! There is a 5pm yoga class with gorgeous Brittany (who we all wanted to take home with us!) and then it’s dinner in The Capra’s award-winning restaurant.

The food at The Capra is out of this world, I haven’t stopped dreaming about it since I’ve been back! The meat in Switzerland is hormone and anti-biotic free by law, so you are already off to a good start but then Head Chef, Eric Glauser does something ingenious to it! Every meal from the ‘metabolic advantage’ menu (designed by nutritionist Jennifer Hanway alongside Eric) was a masterpiece- stunning to look at and even better to eat. Everything was organic, gluten free, alkalising and delicious. In fact, the food was so satisfying that I didn’t miss not having chocolate or caffeine at all during my stay (unheard of for me- although I did end up buying a huge Toblerone at the airport on the way home and got the worst sugar headache from it, my own greedy fault…).

It’s such a beautiful thing to see the people that you have so quickly bonded with, changing before your eyes; people who had struggled with a simple hike at the beginning of the week were happily marching along a glacier peak by the end of the week! We could all see the benefits of the retreat in each other and feel them in ourselves- this included weight loss, fitness, skin health and mood.

Upon returning home, we were given a nutrition assessment guide, personal training plan and a month’s supply of the amazing Skinade to maintain the good work that we had begun. Skinade is an award-winning ‘beauty’ drink that boosts collagen from the inside out, improving skin suppleness and firmness, allowing healthier looking hair and nails, and improvement in skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. I’ve used it in the past and I have to say, it’s a bit of a favourite.

It’s amazing how quickly you can change bad habits when you are in the right environment, and how you can switch from craving unhealthy foods in favour of healthy choices. Peak Health and The Capra have created the perfect setting to reset your mind, body and lifestyle for a happier and healthier you, it is a truly magical experience.


by Danielle Hudson (Style Nest)


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