The Peak Health Retreat has given me all sorts of goodness from my week here.
— Danielle Peazer
A truly amazing life experience I will never forget!
— Tijan Serena

I was truly educated on Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Wellness and Sleep. Any question was answered, it seemed nothing was too much trouble for the Peak Health team.
— Dawn Staines
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Anna Ramsey.jpg
One of the best personal training sessions I have ever had led by expert trainer and mountaineer, Lyndsay. Lifting weights far heavier than I thought I could manage was a real achievement.
— Anna Ramsey

The combination of HIIT, morning hikes, yoga and amazing, nutritious food have had a huge, postive affect on my body and mind.
— Sophie Hermann

This has been the best retreat that I’ve committed to and I’m going to be heartbroken to say bye to not only the place, but also the amazing Peak Health team and the other retreat guests that I’ve met here!
— Tess Ward

By the end of the week, I felt fitter and stronger, my skin improved a lot and had a glow to it and I felt worlds better mentally.
— Roxie Nafousi
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A retreat that improves not only your physical abilities but also your mental wellness
— Arianna Chatzidakis